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Postby Gramps50 » Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:07 pm

I picked up one of the buggies looking for something to run inside in the winter time or on rainy days. I have a prototype indoor track setup on my patio for now and liked the way the Q32 preformed. The steering does take come getting use to, it's proportional but not in the true sense of the word as it doesn't have a servo but uses a motor and gear arrangement. You have to be gentle with the throttle or it will spin out because it has a straight axle in the rear. The biggest drawback that I see is the charging time. I get about 9-10 minutes of run time and it takes about an hour to charge. I did the battery mod by removing the stock battery and now I use a small 180 mAh UMX battery. It mounts on top of the chassis. Now I don't have to wait and hour to charge. I like the buggy so much I also bought the D8T Tessman. I think it drives a little better because it has wider tires all the way around. I'm waiting for my buddy to come over so we can put them against one another. The D8T will be getting the battery mod next.

I like the Truggy look better than the buggy so I ordered the cage which includes the wing and a truggy body. I will be butting that on the buggy chassis, will be leaving the buggy tires on it for now anyway.
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