Losi mini t/ Ecx smash questions

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Losi mini t/ Ecx smash questions

Postby rcsandotherstuff » Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:25 pm

Hello :new: , just the other day I traded some stuff for two ECX smash's. I have some general questions, any help is appreciated. :) Im sure most of these questions have been answered before but I can't seem too get a definite answer. Im focusing on one truck at the moment.
Is the ECX smash 100% compatible with losi mini t hop ups and parts? I can't decide on if I should go brushless or not, I don't need 40mph speeds and insane backflips. I guess my main consurne is if these trucks can handle the abuse, can they? If I do go brushless Ill probably be putting my mamba micro x combo in there and running 3s. If its better to go brushed and run 2s, whats a good brushed esc and motor upgrade? One thing that I can't seem to figure out is if the ball diff option from Mip is a good upgrade, seems to be mixed, whats your opinion? is the dual slipper a good upgrade? which brands for aluminum hop ups hold up the best to real world bashing/racing? Im not looking to make a show truck. I kinda wanna stay brushed in this one as Im not wanting insane speed :drive: for what it will be used for. what are some good upgrades to in hanse performance? what are some good upgrades to in hanse durability?
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Re: Losi mini t/ Ecx smash questions

Postby Artur Fischer » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:16 pm


most parts are compatible with the Mini T. Body, body mounts, bumpers and motor plate are not the same.
The ball diff is better for low traction surfaces. On high grip surfaces it wont last long.
Is the truck 100% stock?
If is, I would just upgrade to a 2S lipo, and when something get fried, up grade everything else.
3s on this truck if you dont want a 40mph truck is unnecessary.
A 8000kv motor would make it fast enough on 2S.

What I would upgrade first:
-whell ballbearing, the gearbox already has it.
-Shocks, the stock ones are really cheap.
-to use another pinion size you will need to change to the Mini T plate, the smash´s is not adjustable. Or dremel the stock one.
-2.4GHz radio, hate those long antenas.
-onroad tires if going on road.
DT 2.4GHz 2S
Highroller 5300KV 2S
Tamiya M04L

and always loading a build..

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Re: Losi mini t/ Ecx smash questions

Postby rcsandotherstuff » Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:03 pm

Thanks, Its 100% stock. Its really slow, I don't get why they don't just include a better battery and raise the price a bit. I think I may sell one, Im going to keep one for sure. My original plan was to just upgrade the crap out of this truck and make it almost all aluminum and carbon fibre... but the more I think about, the less it appeals to me. I think Im just going to upgrade the bearings, motor plate, diff, motor, battery, tires and maybe the esc and just upgrade as I break stuff. I found a losi mini lst 2 for sale near me locally. I think Id rather hop that up and make that into a speed demon. I plan on just racing the mini t on a small 1/18 scale track I race my bromides on, and use the last for what I had intended to use the smash for. is 150$ a decent price for a mini lst 2? I think I can negotiate. Is the lst 2 any good? I am a huge fan of the lst nitro series.
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