1/24 build

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1/24 build

Postby dearacing » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:02 pm

Long story short...
I have modded a few of these in the past and never posted a build thread so here it goes. I love these trucks and race them in a classroom full of 5th graders. (More on that later). What I wanted was multiple cars to run at the same time, easily changeable batteries, good radio range, 2.4 radio (no extending antenna), and ability to tune the speed (so one is not faster than another). Haha. Yes this is a big list! But do-able.

I have achieved the above results many ways:
1. Stock 1/24, 2.4 board, losi 2.4 radio, brushless motor, stock servo
2. Stock 1/24, spectrum rx, castle Esc, losi radio, brushed motor, hxt500 servo
3. Stock 1/24, spektrum rx, castle Esc , losi radio, brushless motor, hxt500 servo
4. Stock 1/24, spektrum rx, losi micro Esc, losi radio, brushless motor, hxt500 servo

Note: all the stock radios have been upgraded to have a knob the adjusts the max speed (can't remember where I found this mod but will ad it here when I get to it)

I have done 8 of these in a variety of the above combos all running at the same time at speeds that a novice can handle.

My next one starts with a stock brushed truggy.
More to come soon.
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Re: 1/24 build

Postby dearacing » Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:27 pm

Got some parts in so time to get this built.
Here is how it started.

Bummer. Pic size is too big. Will have to figure that out. And post them up.

I should be wrapping up a truggy with:
Losi xcelorin motor and Esc.
Hxt500 servo
Hk gt2b radio and receiver.

Will also finish tonight a losi 1:24 sc.
Stock brushed motor
Castle sidewinder Esc
Hxt500 servo
Spektrum 2.4 receiver
Losi 2.4 radio with pot mod.

I will post back with pictures if I can figure out how to shrink them on my phone.
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