New Losi Micro Rally X

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New Losi Micro Rally X

Postby Gramps50 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:40 pm

Picked up a new Losi Micro Rally X last week. It arrived today and I upboxed it, charged the battery and took it out for a test drive. First off I did a speed run which recorded 18 mph. Next I took it to the patio test track for 1/24 scale and smaller. Also run the Hpi Q32s on it. Made about 3 laps and it wouldn't move just make a buzzing sound. Picked it up and the wheels would turn, set it down and no go. Figured it had to be a loose slipper or the gear mess of the pinion & spur.

Down to the workshop to look into the problem. Removed the top off the chassis to be able to get to the gears and the slipper. You could see that the pinion was just barely touching the spur and there was white plastic dust in the area. Loosed the 3 motor screws adjusted the mess, tightened the 3 motor screws and did a test before buttoning it back up. It would go forward and backward without making the buzzing noise. The spur looked much better too. Added a little Purple dry lube before replacing the chassis cover. Problem solved I hope time will tell.

While waiting for the battery to charge I was checking the suspension and noticed that the left rear shock was lacking oil. It felt like a friction shock instead of an oil shock. Went ahead and removed it, when I opened it up the chamber was only about half full of oil. Dumped it out and refilled it with some 30w now it has some shock action. The left and right don't feel quite the same but would work for the test drive.

Back to the test track. Ran the rest of the battery pack making laps on the test track going both clockwise and counterclockwise. It's a fun little car and handles well though it did have some traction roll at times but only if I punched it to hard going into a corner. Not sure yet how it will handle on the foam track that I will be building this winter, Should have it done by the end of January 2017. Other than the above mention problems I like the Rally X, may order a set of truggy tires to try on it. Might have to get an extra rally body and cut the wheel wells for truggy tires.

Speed test and running video
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Re: New Losi Micro Rally X

Postby accmt » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:45 pm

Looks like fun, thanks for posting.
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New Losi Micro Rally X

Postby BrakeWeight » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:53 pm

I got this Mini Cooper body from BangGood. It's not a perfect fit, but works well for about $5 if you want some open wheel action. It's got a SCT bumper, too.
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Re: New Losi Micro Rally X

Postby I_like_Losi » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:57 pm

I want to try to get one. I'm sad they discontinued these and the the Micro-T. I always hoped to get back in to them.

My first Rally would lock up. I took it apart to find a staple in the gear box. I eventually lost interest and sold it. I should have kept it.

Now I scored a Truggy on eBay. I'll check the gear mesh before running after your experience.

I found one site that still sells Rally X but I havent ordered yet, i wont be surprised if they come back and tell me its not available.

Its nice to be back here. I missed this place.
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