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Please keep the language and content at an appropriate level here.
This forum is for everyone, including some younger RC fans so please ensure that you're using appropriate language so as not to offend other forum members. This includes indecent pictures, videos, language or any other type of vulgar material.

No slander or flaming.
Please do not flame other's posts or talk bad about others in this forum. This is a place for good information, not fighting. TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED Everyone is treated equal here, not 1 person is better than another. Harassing another member for a post made is not allowed and will not be tolerated at all!! If you feel you are being harassed or "picked" on please notify one of the moderators or the administrator.

This is something that absolutely will not be tolerated here on this forum. Do not post links to inappropriate content.

DO NOT make useless posts!
Members do not want to have to read through 3 pages of nonsense posts just to find the information about the topic they clicked on. Please only post something in the topic if is specifically related to that topic. Making worthless posts to get your rank up is immature and very inconsiderate, so please don't do it.

DO NOT double post!

-If you need to add something and you just posted, then edit your last post. DO NOT DOUBLE POST!!!!!!!!
-If the last post/topic is old (more than 1 week), and there's no new topics/posts related to the issue, then it is alright to "bump" the topic/post back to the top by double posting.
-To bump a topic/post back to the top, type "bump" in the top of the new post so the mods know what you're doing. This is the ONLY time double posting will be allowed.
-If you double post, then the moderators will edit your two posts so they are ONE. We will also issue you a warning for your double posting act!

USE the search
If you are looking for a specific topic so it does not allow a bunch of the same questions being asked when they have already been answered. If you cant find it by the search function than go right ahead and open a topic.

Banners in signatures need to be kept around 650 X 150 pixels.

Signatures should not link to any outside forums, and outside forums should not be promoted on this site.

The rules for avatars are as follows:
To make use of avatars on this site you must go into your Profile and upload and avatar image of your choosing.

  • Avatars must be 200 x 200 pixels or smaller.
  • File cannot be bigger than 6144 bytes.
  • No inappropriate pictures or pornographic images may be used.

Posting Pictures in the forum
Picture size should be no larger than 640x480. If larger, please post it as a URL instead of an image.